Thursday, 10 September 2015

New. Online ordering !!

  Great news

You can now buy  any of my chilli sauces online .

E Mail with the header "CHILLI ORDER " I will give you a price  straight away. 

298ml    Chipotle  Mexican smoky chipotles with tomato and a little plain chocolate.

   "         Rocket Fuel Lime,Coriander Apple with Habanero, Joes long and needle chillies Thaiish 
                                                                                                                                                                     "          Montezumas Challenge   A rich fruity Mexican / Columbian sauce with heat and garlic 
  "          The Devils Nadgers  A hot garlicky  blast

  "           Weird Banana Sauce Ripe Nanas, Jalapeno and Joes Long chillies  a hint of jerk seasoning

   "         Hot Green Gunk. A refreshing sauce of Mint and Apple with Jalapeno and Joes long chillies
150ml     Hot Pepper Sauce !!  West Indian flavours and Hot

    "        Lucifers Retribution Sauce  hotish with pineapple, fruity cracker !!

    "        Bangla Blasta Fragrant with cinnamon, star anise, cloves,cummin & hot Indian green chilli
     "       Ghost Naga   Bhut Joloki  A very hot slow burner of a sauce with great flavour 

     "       Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Worlds hottest chilli  WOW !!

    "       Voodoo Child  A fiery yellow chilli sauce( Trinidad 7 pot chilli and Brain chilli )

     "     Rat's knackers A blasting fruity hot sauce with chocolate Habanero, Trinidad Seven Pot
                                           and some Ghost Nagas for                                                                             100ml  Black Death A dark rich very hot slightly fruity sauce a small 100ml bottle but WOW

PRICES   298ML   £4.00     150ml £ 4.50  100ml £4.50 

Normal Prices     Any four 298ml bottles @ £4.00 plus £3.00 postage   £19.00   Any five  150ml bottles @ £4.50 plus £3.00 postage £25.50. Any other combinations ask and you shall be answered. A 10% discount for 10 bottles or more just ask     Love  Nick xx

  Summer Special Offer

Any four bottles, any size including UK postage £19.00

Other products that you know I do can be requested.



  1. Bought The Devils Nadgers from you at Colchester food festival, it's so addictive I absolutely love it!
    I look forward to trying others!


  2. Dear Nick

    I have yet to try the Nadgers but, having tried three of your other sauces (which I bought at the Wivenhoe regatta), I am keen to try it - and the new garlic one too. For I have discovered that I absolutely *love* the sauces of yours that I have had already - namely, OFM, Lucifer's Retribution, and the ghost pepper one. Tip: the ghost pepper sauce is *amazing* on smoked cheese.

    I'll be dropping you a line to see if I can wrangle a delivery . .

    By the way (and continuing in the same enthusiastic vein) I like the backdrop picture on this website.


Thank you for your comments, I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

- Nick